Lila Prezioso


She answers her phone, "This is Lila!" No one ever has to ask which Lila. We're just happy we don't have to share the office with Cher or Madonna.

But as driven and marketing-oriented as those other single-namers are, they pale compared to Lila's creative and logistical abilities. Concepts, plans, direction — Lila has a polished talent for putting ideas to work. Spreadsheets, budgets, reports, analysis — she actually enjoys the sound of numbers crunching. In sales, marketing and negotiating, it's easy to feel comfortable with Lila; you know she's working with you and for you to achieve excellent results.

She was recently described as having a "calm personality, good for people who catch on fire." Now there's a picture.

Bruce S. Cridlebaugh


Maybe it's hard to pin this down: In a room of Type A's, Bruce seems quiet and soft-spoken — more likely to just listen and absorb. But next to most introverted techies, he's down-right boisterous.

Indefatigably curious. Always looking for a keyword, a spark, a creative twist. Refining grand schemes and concepts into workable digital files.

He's always searching for the way to make things better. And in a "perfect world", there still may be room for improvement. He thrives at the nexus between the technical and creative aspects of graphic design and production. With decades of experience in the full process from design through pre-press, he loves to talk shop — but please specify whether you want the "the long answer" or "the short answer."

He is the author of the website.